Beyond The Appraisal Report: The Appraiser’s Voice

There are at least two ways of inquiring into highest and best use. One is to study the concept in books and/or attend lectures and conferences. The other is to park yourself in front of a parcel of land and look deeply into what is happening on site and around.

The Day the World Changed for Appraisers

It happened so fast, and it may take a while yet to fully sink in, but the world changed for Appraisers on January 1st...

Top 10 Marketing Tips for Appraisers

The appraisal industry in Canada continues to be competitive and it’s clear that traditional, tried and true marketing, is critical for survival. But the...

5 Tips to Keep Candidate Members Past Designation

"TRAIN PEOPLE WELL ENOUGH SO THEY CAN LEAVE, TREAT THEM WELL ENOUGH SO THEY DON'T WANT TO." Terry Brooke calls upon his experience as a Candidate, conducting Professional Competency Interviews, reviewing appraisal reports and numerous Candidate meetings to suggest 5 tips to help retain Candidate Members past their Designation.