Part I: Standardizing the Direct Comparison Approach

This article will be posted in three parts: Part 1: Rationale for standardizing the DCA in terms of the actual adjustment process. Part 2: Fundamentals of the DCA and the traditional format it follows. Part 3: Implementation of the only DCA method found that follows the traditional DCA format, and allows each appraiser to explore his or her data.

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ housing policy that the federal government...

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ housing policy that the federal government can implement Proceed ahead with serious caution and much consultation.

Students and Candidates: 5 Ways to Connect with other Appraisers

A new AIC member offers some encouragement and practical suggestions for networking and building new contacts in the appraisal profession.

Seven Myths and Realities of Residential Appraisals: Do You Know the Facts?

There is an overall misunderstanding about how an appraiser arrives at a market value, sometimes leading to a misconception that "the appraiser killed the deal". This article will debunk these myths and provide additional insight and perspective from a designated appraiser’s point of view.