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Appraising in the prairies

A Typical Day of an Appraiser on the Prairies

This article explores the life of an AIC Designated Appraiser and his work in the Canadian prairies.
Why property valuation is important

Property Valuation: Why is it important in today’s economy?

As the 2008 - 09 financial crisis so clearly demonstrated, real estate markets - when not appropriately regulated and managed - can contribute to the instability of a nation’s economy. One of the core elements of a healthy and balanced real estate market is a systemic approach and commitment to reliable property valuations.
Municipal property evaluation

An appraiser’s role within the municipal government – valuing for the future

An AIC Designated Member gives some insight into a career with municipal goverment In The City of Edmonton.
AIC Canada Blog

Adding to the Valuation Conversation

An invitation to read and contribute to the AIC blog.